Corpus Mens' Rowers

As seen on Spanish National Television

Corpus Mens' Rowers
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  • Male

  • University of Oxford

  • Rowing

  • 10-14

Team Talk

¿dónde está la banter ?
International men of mystery, these gents are aces and diamonds every one

Also something about loving to get wet i'm sure

Also HUGE penises probably (I don't know i haven't ACTUALLY partaken in phallic observation of my fellow lads yet sorry guys :'( )

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Corpus Mens' Rowers

As seen on Spanish National Television


Corpus Mens' Rowers
St Hugh's Ladies' Gardening Society

November 13

Temple Lounge


Corpus Mens' Rowers: The gardening gals of Hugh's struck a near ideal balance of crewdatey-type riotous behaviour and genuine pleasantness to go out to dinner with. Sconces were pretty good, and it looked like everyone had at least a solid night out (much positive feedback from my crew so well done ladies). Conversation/badinage could be a little lacking at my end of the table but then again, it takes two to banter, so not a great discredit to the gardeners. Good crewdate!

St Hugh's Ladies' Gardening Society: This was a crewdate with a high success rate beginning with a strong start- meeting us beforehand in Corpus bar was an excellent shout. Despite the sparsity of more outrageous sconces and the fact that one Lady-Gardener stormed out after a political row with her neighbour, the boys impressed us with their commitment to Camera and their willingness to engage in Tampon-based antics. Nice lads, would recommend.

3 years ago