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Men in Maroon

Exeter College RFC
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  • University of Oxford

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  • 10-14

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This crew has no chat, unbelievable.

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Exeter College RFC

Men in Maroon

Wadham Netball Team and Exeter College RFC reviewed their crewdate.


Wadham Netball Team
Exeter College RFC

February 26

Temple Lounge

Lola Lo's

Wadham Netball Team: I have never been so hungover in my life. Weird but fun night (from what we can remember) with a really lovely group of guys - would give 4.5 if we could - same again next year? xoxo

Exeter College RFC: Really fun group of ladies - some great sconses but we had plenty of time to use our favourite games, which was good (excellent Press-The-Build performance!). We were having too much fun to make it to bridge in time but the guys appreciated everyone sticking together to enjoy a good night at Lolas. Would crewdate again.

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