Jesus College Netball Club

Jesus College Netball Club
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Angy Knill
Yazminca Woodward
Katherine Weekes
Anna Maguire
Jess Rodger
Polly Streather
Emilia Belli

Oxford Brookes University Boat Club wrote:

Fancy attempting to tame us next wednesday?

6 years ago

Oxford Brookes University Boat Club wrote:

We need a crew date for Friday are you free?

6 years ago

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7 years ago

Jesus College Netball Club and Oxford Brookes Men's Athletics reviewed their crewdate.


Jesus College Netball Club
Oxford Brookes Men's Athletics

November 1



Jesus College Netball Club: Great food, even better chat, followed by some interesting games of "Never Have I Ever" in the Bar! An all round good night out, defs worth a crewdate. Would crewdate again without a doubt! xx

Oxford Brookes Men's Athletics: Good fun and far better chat than the crew behind us

7 years ago

Animals wrote:

Hey, sorry we're busy this week, but definitely up for something later this term or in Hilary
Parav (social sec) x

7 years ago

Magdalen College Rugby Football Club wrote:


MCRFC is looking for a crew date for fifth week and were wondering whether you guys might be interested in a evening of heavy drinking and general vulgarity? Let me know what you think.

Dan (social sec)

7 years ago

The Oxford Triathletes wrote:

Hey guys
Unfortunately we have a previous engagement with OUWRFC - and our term is looking a bit busy at the moment. Travesty. However we may be up for something in Hilary, if you're interested then. ~ OUTriC

8 years ago

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8 years ago

Gents of SPCBC wrote:

fancy a crew date with some dashing SPC gentlemen in the next few weeks?

8 years ago

Jesus College Netball Club and Exeter College Single Men Society reviewed their crewdate.


Jesus College Netball Club
Exeter College Single Men Society

June 20



Jesus College Netball Club: Facebook friends were made, hilarious photos taken and some very dodgy shapes thrown about on both the twister mat and floors of Bridge. Ultimately a pretty fun and silly night with a good mix of lads, though they should perhaps refine their long-distance pennying skills before their next crewdate...!

Exeter College Single Men Society: Practically every worthy girl in Jesus turned out for this crewdate, testament to the desirability of Exeter's vastly superior crop of men. Sporting prowess aside, the JCNC proved that it doesn't matter if you live on the wrong side of Turl Street, you can still take a drink. Highlights included a drunken game of twister in the barren Jesus bar and the girls singing numerous songs about each other's sexual promiscuity, truly ECSMS felt inadequately prepared. Doing their best to dispel rumours that their chat was "as stale as a dead badger's arse", JCNC put in a respectable performance with typical Welsh style. They even threw in a bit of action for one or two lucky valley boys (allegedly). Sadly college rules forbid us from rolling out the five stars x

9 years ago

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