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The Griffin
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  • Male

  • University of Oxford

  • The Lash

  • 10-14

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This crew has no chat, unbelievable.

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The Griffin

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Exo Exo
The Griffin

January 28


Exeter Bar & Bridge

Exo Exo: Great night. Fun friendly guys and we found out we share a few sconces!! Little late and a bit low on numbers but overall would definitely recommend! Went back to our college bar and the on to camera.......

The Griffin: Great group of girls, with some highly impressive sconces, glad to see your putting Exeter's sinks to their proper use. We apologise for the repeated renditions of Robbie Williams, we do concerts at wkends if you're game. Enjoyed the trip to Exeter college bar and tour to apparently 'the best view in Ox', not so sure, but some seemed to enjoy the view on the dance floor more, romance was in the air at Bridge. would be up for a round two!

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